Toronto West Brewery Tour, Part 1


It was finally Friday and the Sudburians had arrived! With our trusted map in hand to guide us, the great adventure was about to begin! Our goal was to check out 12 craft breweries over the weekend.

Friday night was nicknamed “The Dry Run”. It was about as dry as prohibition…

Favorite: Strawberry Kiwi Gose

Neat place started by two guys studying chemistry. It doesn’t come as a surprise they specialize in pairing unexpected fruits and spices. And for the fellow nerds out there, they have an open source approach! All their recipes are posted online. Craft beer community is encouraged to dabble and improve their creations. So they get extra points for that!

Favourite: Coffee Beer cocktail, An expresso shot is added their Best Bitter

Our favourite way to showcase this place is the same way we stumbled on it, walking the rail path that runs down to Dundas West. It’s a quiet walk, where you get to see a different side of Toronto. About halfway down between Bloor and Dundas Street, through a gap in the fence, voila! Arrival at Henderson. Neat neighbourhood that’s about to get a facelift. Henderson’s is already a local spot, with cyclists, joggers and residents stopping in for a pint or bottle to take home.

Favorite: Dark IPA

One of the newer breweries on the scene but still packed. They recently added a patio. Score! Nothing better than a good beer while enjoying the cool steamy night air. Pay attention to the logo on the glasses. It’s worth ordering a dark and light beer to see how clever it is.

Landsdowne Brewery

While they aren’t quite ready to make their own brews onsite due to unforeseen challenges, their taps showcase some local craft brews, and occasionally one of their own batches brewed off site. They are also equipped with a kitchen, so we ordered some much needed food.

Favourite: Tied with Strawberry Rhubarb Berliner and Mango Berliner

This place has a weird juxtaposition. Brings in a hip young crowd, while serving legit good old beer. – Grant

This was the crowd favourite of our, ahem, ‘dry-run’. Ontario Craft Beer Guide tied Burdock and Folly for second best brewery. Definitely check them out. They even have extra perks of a patio and serve great food.

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It’s happening… Toronto West Beer Tour!!

It’s been a long standing tradition for Stef to bring his friends beer whenever visiting his hometown of Sudbury. Anything they can’t get up there is fair game.

What does this have to do with Toronto Beer Tour? Good question.

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Craft Beer Bubble?

Brew_Bubble_aIt’s a good time to be a beer enthusiast in Toronto! Craft beer has exploded onto the scene, with 12 breweries opening up in the last two years in our corner of Toronto alone.

But Stef & I keep having a recurring conversation: can the city support so much beer craft? Continue reading

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Brewing, 1860’s Style

Ever wanted to know how to brew beer?

I was hunting around for a great beer related adventure for Stef’s birthday, and came across Pioneer Black Creek Village Brewing Apprentice… WHAT?

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I don’t drink beer; it tastes awful. It numbs my taste buds.

I’d rather have a rum and coke. Or water.

So, bet you’re wondering why a beer blog?

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